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Oh la la

21 Jul

Check out Ashley on Facebook

Playboy Super Mom

27 Jun

Talk about a sexy MILF. Looking for a new mother to your children? Its time to vote for FFTB resident blogger Ashley Salazar in the Playboys Miss Social competition.  The finals end Tuesday at 1 PM PST. Go and vote from your facebook. Doooooooo IT!



Time for FFTB Ashley Salazar to be in Playboy

1 Jun

Yes,  it’s time. GO VOTE for our own sexy resident FFTB to be published in Playboy. She is competing for Playboys Miss Social June.

Ashley Salazar

13 Sep

Smokin’ hot! Send an email to Playboy and tell them you want to see Ashley in their magazine!

Katy Perry is hot.

19 Aug

Alley Baggett

17 Jul

Our lack of new posts…

25 Jun

Hey readers…err…lookers, sorry for the lack of updates and new FFTB’s lately. We’ve been busy kicking ass and taking names, but hope to at least keep up one new post per day, and hopefully get back to more soon. Keep coming back, good stuff to come!